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We started our journey in 1983 in the Manavgat/Antalya region of Turkey, as a fresh-fish seller on local markets. 

Due to the rising tourism and therefore the increased demand for all types of seafood, we invested in our very first rainbow trout-farm, back in 1994. Currently, we own 4 trout-farms, located in different parts of Turkey, with a total capacity of 920 tones trout and 5.000.000 fingerlings. 

The increasing number of Customers and our vision to become a global Seafood-Export company, made us invest in a brand new processing facility in 2008. Our facility is on a 7500 m² area, with 2500 m² indoor area. Our current capacity is around 1500 tones/year fresh-fish and 384 tones/year smoked-fish. We also have a cold storage with a capacity of 1000 tones. With the help of modern machines which match the international standards and our trained staff; we got our export license for the EU in 2009 and started exporting the same year. 

We supply our fish either from aquaculture farms, or as wild-caught fish from fishing vessels. We offer our fish depending on the customer’s request as fresh-chilled, fresh-gutted, frozen-gutted, filleted etc.
Additionally, we also have our Smoke House department, where we produce all kinds of smoked, marinated and cured seafood. 
To assure the quality of our products and satisfy our customers, traceability is our top priority. Therefore, we record every information in the production process. In order to do this correctly, we currently use IFS, ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System and ISO 22000:2005 Food Safety Management System.