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Our Values

In the century we live, we have to accept that the relationship between society and nature is not sustainable and we need to seriously re-question human-nature relations.

This effort will show us the main source of ecological and social problems, along with the importance of sustainability.

Our main goal is to achieve sustainability in the seafood sector. Future generations have the right to easily access seafood, just as we do. This statement is our guideline in every step we take as a company. 

We stand against every kind of discrimination and know that diversity is one of the most valuable assets a company can have. 

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We embrace every problem that our customer is facing as our own and do everything in our hand to overcome it. 

We as Dersu Balık value honesty, transparency and trust more than anything else.

Every employee of Dersu is aware of his/her value in our production cycle and knows the importance of having a strong team in order to achieve our long term goals. 

We stand against any kind of waste and constantly try to minimize the consumption of both natural and company resources.