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Why Dersu

In order to prevent food based hazards, food safety systems highlight the importance of the “farm-to-table” approach. Therefore, we record and control every stage of our production cycle, beginning from the raw-materials, until we reach the final product. 

In order to guarantee food safety, Dersu begins the examination process of potential hazards at the source, which are our trout-farms. Our rainbow trouts are farmed under international safety, quality and hygiene standards.

We expect the same sensitivity about quality and safety from all our suppliers and only work with those that have proven themselves over many years. 

We run organoleptic inspections along with parasite tests on every seafood product that enters our facility.

Besides that, we run microbiological, chemical, pesticide, shelf life and meat quality analysis not only on our own farmed trouts, but on every raw-material we buy from our suppliers.

We also run microbiological and chemical analysis on the ice we use during processing.

Every material we use in our production process has the “Test Report for Contact with Food”. 

We can trace back every product that we farmed and/or processed, which gives us detailed information about where and when it was farmed/caught, where and how it was stored and how it was processed.

Operating in a nature friendly way is a top priority for us. We are proud that the water from our waste water treatment system has a much higher quality, then the official parameters would require.

We use ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, in order to gain complete control over our interactions with the environment.

As an exporting company, we are regularly being inspected by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. However, we also inspect our own staff regularly with the help of IFS and ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System.

At last, to give a one-sentence answer to the question “Why Dersu”? 

Because we do not sell anything that we can’t serve our own children.